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icon The ‘Daniel Murariu’ Foundation scholarship recipients for the 2007-2008 academic year


During the summer of 2007, the ‘Daniel Murariu’ Foundation members have selected a group of five children from rural areas in Iasi County to help defray their costs of room, board and school supplies while attending high school in Iasi.

Each student was chosen on merit (grades, class rank, extracurricular activities and short essay) and financial need (proved by their income statement filled out by the mayor’s office). The selection committee was formed of ‘Daniel Murariu’ Foundation members and teachers Janeta Tivlea and Ana Prisacaru.

All five schoolchildren are in the top of their classes, but come from families on whom the financial burden would be too great to bear as their monthly incomes range from 200 to 300 USD. Each scholarship is individual (the difference being the variety of costs between each school).

Due to the strong connection with the Prisacani School of Arts and Crafts, we have selected four of the students from the graduating eighth class.

To read about each recipient and the person for whom the scholarship is named for click below:

 Corneliu Achiricesei -
 Paula Axinte - ‘Alexandru Ignat’ Memorial Scholarship
 Liliana Iacob - ‘Dean Joseph C. Pisano’ Scholarship
 Mariana Nastasia - ‘Toader Prisacaru’ Memorial Scholarship
 Ana Maria Vasiliu - ‘Dumitru Bahrim’ Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Dan Lazarescu of DAL Health Management and Consulting SRL has kindly provided the school supplies (worth 750 RON/300 USD).

The following individuals and companies have made financial contributions for the scholarship fund:

2000 USD (5000 RON) Mititelu Cristian, Crill Cris Energy SRL, Bucharest, Romania
1100 USD (2700 RON) Ionel Puiu, Alpso Consulting Grup, Bucharest, Romania
500 USD (1250 RON) Romeu Murariu, Ph.D., Chicago, IL
300 USD (750 RON) Carmen Dobrescu, New Orleans, LA
100 USD (250 RON) Joseph C. Pisano, Ph.D., Wilkes Barre, PA
100 USD (250 RON) Nora Wetzel, New Orleans, LA
100 USD (250 RON) Ann and John Scharfenberg, M.D., New Orleans, LA
30 USD (75 RON) O. Delbert Liechty, California

and the following people who have donated 2% of their taxable income as per law 571/2003 please click  HERE

The rest of the money comes from dues and personal contributions of the ‘Daniel Murariu’ Foundation members.

In the unfortunate event you have donated 2% of your income and are not listed, please accept our apologies. We kindly request you email us at dmurariu [at] fdm [dot] ro to rectify the error.

For the academic year 2008-2009 we plan to add two more scholarships, for a total of 7.

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