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icon Medical Mission
The village clinic.
The Gioseni Monastery.
The Gioseni Monastery.
The Gioseni village.
Getting Run Over by Village Cows!
Monastery Courtyard.
Dr. Koga Running an EKG.
Getting a Second Opinion.
Daniel Murariu at work.
Drs. Dorobat and Chirita At Work.
Dr. Creanga Writing Prescriptions.
More Prescriptions.
What Could it Be.
Coffee Please!
Daniel Murariu and a Small Patient.
More High Blood Pressure.
Exhausted Drs. Murariu and Creanga with local NurseTeresa.
Team Working Late into the Night.
Dr. Koga and Happy Patients.
Dinner After a Long Day.
At the Kindergarten.
A Warm Musical Welcome.
Distributing Fruit.
Distributing Fruit.
Dr Koga in the colorful Kindergarten.
Dr. Creanga at the Monastery Kindergarten.
Playing with the kids.
Puzzles with the Children.
Saying Goodbye.
Team Picture Koga, Murariu, Creanga, Chirita, Dorobat.
Team with the Sisters.
Mass in the Colorful Village Church.

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