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icon Medical Mission II
Welcome sign
Dr. Ciudin's son smiles as Dr. Ciudin and Alex Crintea talk to a patient.
Dr. Avramescu working.
Dr. Protopopescu talking to patient while Amaris Koga prepares exam table.
Dr. Zaharia explains prescription to Rroma (gypsy) patient.
Alex performs an EKG.
Who's the star??
Dr. Avramescu working in the dentist's office.
Dr. Protopopescu writing prescription.
Dr. Zaharia talking to Rroma (gypsy) patient.
How a tall lanky guy can get a pneumothorax or Daniel Murariu doing spirometry testing.
Team at lunch.
Greedy Dan!
At a former patient's house by invitation 15. By the lake 16. Monastery seen from the lakeshore.
By the lake.
Monastery seen from the lakeshore.
Toast to the end of the mission.
Sunset by the lake.
Question: How many doctors does it take to start a fire?
Pondering how to extinguish the fire...
Hmm... not very efficient.

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